I believe that life can bring us to unexpected and painful places, and that these places should be walked through with kindness and with someone there to listen and to help. Whether a new loss, an old grief, a relational heartache, a lingering anger or sadness, an overwhelming set of circumstances, or a general feeling of dullness--whatever has led you to consider counseling deserves attention, care, and words. I would love to bear witness to your experience and walk with you through this season. 

I believe in and work towards the possibility of abundance and flourishing in our lives, even after loss or in the midst of struggles. I believe that counseling can be part of bringing in the light and truth and kindness that such flourishing requires. Being heard and cared for in therapy can help you know yourself more deeply, and allowing yourself to be known and heard well can lead to healing.

I believe that relationships form how we see ourselves and the world. The messages we take in from significant relationships create a map of how we think we are allowed to be, to think, to feel, and to act in our lives, in order to be safe and loved. Many of the messages we have received, we have believed without question, and sometimes this leads us to getting stuck in patterns of relating and living that we would love to change, but just can't seem to shake. Change is possible as we address those messages with kindness and respect, while learning the freedom to change our minds about which messages we want to live by now.

I believe that the therapeutic alliance we build together can be a powerful force for good, bringing about new freedom, greater kindness, and the chance to flourish the way you are meant to flourish. How I see the world is influenced by my belief in a good God; however, the direction of our conversations and how much (if at all) we discuss faith and spirituality will be chosen by you, the client. 

I meet with individuals, both adolescents and adults.

Clients may pursue counseling with me for a variety of reasons, including:

  • relational difficulties and struggles with intimacy
  • a desire to understand themselves and their world more deeply
  • physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual abuse
  • grief and loss
  • infertility
  • adoption 
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • life transitions
  • spiritual struggles
  • and more.